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Use Disulfiram for Borrelia Infections

Use Disulfiram for Borrelia Infections Here is some new reported information for ALS patients and those with Borrelia infections. Borrelia and other difficult to treat bacteria can be killed using Disulfiram [Antabuse]. This medication has been around for 60 years used to treat alcoholism. Speak to your doctors about prescribing Disulfiram for you and show them the links below.

Deanna Stem Cell Therapy Results

Deanna Stem Cell Therapy Results Speech Therapy Improvements Deanna received stem cell therapy in February and again in August of 2019. Since receiving her first round of stem cells, Deanna’s speech therapist has noted the following changes in her sessions. been noted in therapy sessions: Reduced nasality overall when speaking; and moments

The Provocative ​Antibiotic Test

The Provocative Antibiotic Test was devised by Alfred Miller, MD to determine if your neurodegenerative disease is caused by the borrelia bacteria and co-infections.   For 21 days take orally  Azithromycin 500 mg/day and Flagyl 500mg/day. The IGenex test for borrelia is LTP3 The IGenex test for co-infections is  CP3 Alternatively one can order the

Deanna Is On The Pulsed Method

Deanna Is On The Pulsed Method My daughter has been following the Pulsed Method of antibiotic treatment for borrelia infection. (Click this link to read more about the connection between ALS and borrelia bacteria, if you haven't read about it already.) Here is how the Pulsed Method works For three days she takes