Use Disulfiram for Borrelia Infections

Here is some new reported information for ALS patients and those with Borrelia infections. Borrelia and other difficult to treat bacteria can be killed using Disulfiram [Antabuse]. This medication has been around for 60 years used to treat alcoholism.

Speak to your doctors about prescribing Disulfiram for you and show them the links below.

Those using it should start low with an oral dose 125 mg twice a week and increase gradually. Google and Inform yourself about possible adverse reactions. See this video featuring Dr. Kenneth Liegner

There have been reported cases of severe psychosis with the use of Disulfiram, so please check with you doctor before using it.

Here is some information for patients with other neurodegenerative diseases: Multiple physicians believe that that many neurodegenerative diseases such as [ AD, MS,PD, ALS ] if not all are caused by a bacterial infections most commonly a species of Borrelia. Disulfiram could help you too if you have one fo the neurodegenerative disease mentioned above. This could be a huge benefit to society. See this video by Dr. Alfred Miller on Borrelia infections in neurodegenerative diseases

I came across this news article, which explains how a man diagnosed with ALS died of Lyme Disease (a Borrelia infection). I hear stories like this often.


If we are correct, it could very well be that Disulfiram would be effective in treating many Neurodegenerative diseases such as MS PD AD and other conditions that are now classified as autoimmune diseases.

WFND, with your financial support, is attempting to fund a clinical trial using Disulfiram on ND patients.