It will cost $200-$500 per month. The cost of the Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan (also known as the  DP Plan) depends on which substances you choose to take. The most important substances (AAKG, AKG, GABA, CoQ10, Niacin, and 5HTP) will cost you roughly $200 per month. If you choose to take the most important

Where can I purchase the DP Plan?

Dr. Tedone and the Deanna Protocol researchers have discovered a new, more effective version of the Deanna Protocol, which is patent pending and has a proprietary ratio of substances that cannot be found in any other version of the Protocol. This new Deanna Protocol is the only Deanna Protocol endorsed by Dr. Tedone and will be available only at, likely

What are the risks of taking the substances in the DP Plan?

The substances in The DP Plan are naturally found in the body. They are not pharmaceutical drugs, like Riluzole/Rilutek, and are not foreign chemicals being introduced into the body. Taking them at the published doses should not be harmful, provided that you do not have any other medical issues that would make you sensitive

Will my neurologist approve?

Most are neutral toward The DP Plan. Neurologists who have heard of the DP Plan usually will not object to their patients following the plan, but they will not officially recommend it either. Why? Physicians expose themselves to legal liability if they recommend ALS treatments, therapies, or plans that are not already widely known