Most are neutral toward The DP Plan.

Neurologists who have heard of the DP Plan usually will not object to their patients following the plan, but they will not officially recommend it either. Why? Physicians expose themselves to legal liability if they recommend ALS treatments, therapies, or plans that are not already widely known and accepted in the medical community, and have not undergone human clinical trials. Therefore, officially recommending the DP Plan could put him/her at risk for lawsuits. Regardless of doctors’ inability to recommend the DP Plan, most doctors do not object to patients following it if their patients choose to.

Many neurologists have not heard of the DP Plan yet. If your neurologist has not heard of it, one reason is because it is relatively new. Another reason your doctor may not know about the DP Plan is because it is a group of supplements, not a pharmaceutical drug. Supplements receive much less attention from the medical community than pharmaceutical drugs do. One could argue that supplements receive almost no attention at all. Therefore, even some of the most renowned neurologists in the country may not have heard of the DP Plan.