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Lisa Cortez
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Perplexing Igenex Lyme Test Results

I first did a Lyme antibody test through Genpath which showed positive bands of 41, 45, and 66. I then did the provocative antibiotic test and had my blood sent to Igenex for the TBD3 test.

The results are perplexing:

B burgdorferi IFA – G/M/A : >80 – positive

Lyme ImmunoBlot IgM : bands 23 and 41 are inderminate, all others negative – determination is negative

Lyme Immunoblot IgG: bands 30 and 41 are indeterminate, all others negative – determination is negative

B duncani IFA – IgM : negative

B duncani IFA – IgG: 160 – positive for active infection

I am confused by the mixed results and how I can be positive for a co-infection but not Lyme.

Any guidance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated