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Compatibility of Deanna Protocol with Medical Cannabis

Fri, 17 May 2019 15:45:56 GMT

Dr Tedone, Thank you so much for giving people hope. Hoping you can answer a couple of questions for us. First some background.. My wife was recently diagnosed with ALS here in Canada. Her blood work and MRI showed up normal so the default diagnosis was ALS. Whole process of diagnosis from first visit to Neurologist to getting the verdict was about 6 weeks. From what I see, the conditions tested for in her blood work were relatively limited and certainly did not include Lyme. She did not have a lumber puncture or muscle biopsy either. EMG and nerve conduction did show some deficiencies. Report also stated that her diagnosis did not meet all of the classical symptoms. So far her symtomes are not severe, she has mscle weekness in her legs with dropfoot on right leg. some loss of fine motor control on left hand, and some minor dysarthria. She has no fasciculations. We are planning to get a Lyme test done by Armin labs. Questions.. 1. There is obviously a neurological problem either ALS or something else. We obviously want if possible to limit further degeneration if poss ible and have already purchased the Deanna Protocol Core bundle from Simplesa. Is it wise to first check for and treat Lyme if positive prior to starting the protocol? We are concerned that treating Lyme can be time consuming and are reluctant to delay starting if it can help delay progression. 2. We have been told that the antioxidant & neuroprotective properties of Cannabis can also be beneficial. Would it be a bad idea to try this concurrently with the Deanna Protocol in your opinion? Appreciate any advice that you can give..

Sun, 19 May 2019 16:12:57 GMT

Just about every patient with ALS and other Neurodegenerative disease is testing positive for Borrelia and at times co-infections. Please follow the recommendations under latest developments and find a Lyme literate doctor to treat your wife. The DP slows the disease progress and suppresses muscle symptoms. My daughter did not use CBD Dr.T.