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Stem cells.

Fri, 23 Aug 2019 20:24:44 GMT

any progress on Deannas Stem cell treatment? ie a source/country/clinic? Hope its going well!

Mon, 26 Aug 2019 19:01:40 GMT

She receive 750 M Msc in February had increased strength and coordination. No functional improvement. In Cancun now receiving more cells from Celltex

Sun, 01 Sep 2019 02:33:49 GMT

Are you ever fighting the war for your daughter, as is she of course! I really Deanna improves on the stem cells and Id like to think Id do the same for my daughter. You have certainly provided the inspiration, knowledge and then some and thank you fellow DAD!!! I'm a "late bloomer dad" at 64 y.o. and have a 17 and 13 y.o....I really need to be here for them! I am an ex all sports athlete still trying to be one in my limited spare time from real estate sales if you can call golf a sport. I suddenly suffered from fatigue, malaise and some spotty moments of depression/ brain fog this past mid Jan and proceeded to check for everything plausible by blood, urine, LYME test,etc....nothing came up including Lyme! I took some Armour des. thyroid anyhow as body temp was low ( 95-97) , b-12 injections, magnesium, vit d, maca root, etc..all under MD supervision.....nothing. Then in mid May ( 3 1/2 mos ago) I see some atrophy on my rt calf out of nowhere then my left calf, then started to see and feel twitching in legs/feet, then arms/ hands. Then a month later twitching is fel t in torso ( left side of diaphragm, neck and shoulder) and in last 3 weeks I see bumps/ridges on surround all edges of my tongue.......needless to say it all that has me super nervous and convinced its likely ALS albeit Ive been to neuro muscular Neurologist just 2 weeks ago who did EMG/NCS and states no evidence of ALS at showed just a few slight sensory nerve abnormalities and a few fasiculations in rt calf that he tested but no evidence of atrophy/weakness in his opin., (he may be blind!).....he says my strength is just fine even though he doesnt know me before this and I explained to him that my legs are 50-60% weaker and my arms 25-30% weaker and that I have pain in left side neck, diaphragm, back of shoulder. He feels I have unwarranted anxiety that is my only issue and supports taking some anti depressant Remeron that my GP thinks I should take too! So I caved in and take a low dose 7.5Mgs/nite( half a 15mg pill)......been on it a changes....Im still focused on dealing with what my body tells me is not good at all. Im still tired, fatigued, weakened and off the golf course for 6 weeks now. I went to Stanford Neuro Clinic this past Thurs and Dr Kathy Lin Neurologist concurs thats its likely benign fasiculation syndrome BUT also feels that Im definitely a "person that should be watched" as its "only" 3 mos since onset of physical issues ( and 7 mos since fatigue, etc) and wants me back in end of Oct for another EMG. I studied your website some more and I just did CD-57 at Lab Corp this week and sure enough it came back just yesterday at 2.0% and 24 abs! Im now more terrified than ever and am hoping its just Lyme but very worried that muscle twitches ( 24 hrs. in both calves) and weakness suggest its ALS that hasnt reached the 8-12 mos period to be apparent enough for the "official diagnosis". My gut tells me to not wait for further degeneration and so today I just ordered the supplements for Deanna Protocol and CSP, ironically I just ordered the supplements via the Dr Klinghardts ( Wash.) Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol detox suggestions just the day before the Lyme results came back so now it seems I may be going to do too much and wonder if I should hold off on doing Klinghardts supplements in favor of yours w the AAKG, etc and the CSP protocol? or go ahead and take it all? As importantly I feel that I need to get with a LLMD asap and begin to get the Borrelia out of me with the Burasscano pulse method that you like. I just happen to have a friend in New York that was treated successfully for Lyme a few years ago by a specialist Dr. David Cameron in Mt Kisko N.Y. He has lots of controversy surrounding him including NYS Med Board discipline for various matters so he is on watch for 3 yrs....but he is LLMD and ILIAD and my friend looks and feels great and swears by him .......I dont know what Dr Cameron prescribes but also I dont think that my GP that I see here on Monday will prescribe the Burasscano but rather send me to an infected disease MD locally that will take a month to get in! We have no Lyme ILIAD specialist here in Monterey so Im inclined to go cross country to see Dr Cameron next Friday unless I find a ILIAD MD in San Francisco area who can see me asap this next week so that I can get in front of this asap......I do recall being bit by a tick like 10 yrs ago in Buffalo NY but no bulls eye or other marks, I pulled it out fast and nothing ever became of it ( other than maybe hip arthritis 2-5 yrs after that required both hips replaced out of nowhere). Just this past Nov, I oddly just had 2 round red marks appear the next day or so after sleeping in a hotel, they were about 1" in diameter and 2" away from each other with like a red scratch/ claw line of 12" long going across my buttuck/lower back at my belt line this last Mid November about 2 mos before my fatigue began......I went to the MDs and they didnt know what it was, they gave me some prescription went away in about 3 weeks and so I thought nothing of it. Does that description ring any bells of another bacteria or co infection perhaps for you? Sorry to be so long winded. I know that you know better than anyone the countless challenges of figuring all this out. Thank you again for doing so much for Deanna and sharing it all with others that are in this terrible trouble. If you have a chance and can comment on the sores I describe from this Nov and whether you feel that taking the Dr Klinghart supplements in addition to Deannas Protocol and CPS is a good idea that will be appreciated and also if you think Im on the right path in proceeding as I am w.o. an ALS Diagnosis, and by chance if you know anything at all about Dr Cameron in Mt Kisco NY. Thank You and also know that I will share all my results with you so it may be of some benefit to Deanna and the others that are dealing with this.

Mon, 09 Sep 2019 18:36:58 GMT

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