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More About The Deanna Protocol Metabolic Plan

The Deanna Protocol  Metabolic Plan  (also known as the DP Plan)  is not considered an ALS treatment (like Riluzole/Rilutek) because it has not been evaluated by the FDA and has not been tested in human clinical trials. Although Winning the Fight is not required to perform human clinical trials, we do plan to do so in the future, once we raise enough money to perform them.

Why has Winning the Fight developed the DP Plan if it is not an ALS treatment?
The DP Plan does not have to be an ALS treatment or drug like Riluzole/Rilutek to be effective. A metabolic plan can be just as effective or even more effective than an ALS treatment. The information we have pointing to the effectiveness of the DP Plan comes from anecdotal evidence in nearly 2,000 humans and multiple laboratory studies in animals. We have collected anecdotal evidence in the form of ALSFRS scores and in the form of narrative reports from individuals who have ALS.

What is Winning the Fight’s financial motive in encouraging individuals to take the DP Plan?
Our motive is not financial at all. Winning the Fight and its members do not earn any profit whatsoever. Our motive is to help individuals with ALS, who feel they have no hope and who are not satisfied with the results of ALS treatments on the market. Winning the Fight does not sell the DP Plan; we merely point those with ALS in the right direction in terms of where to purchase the highest quality supplements. Winning the Fight is a predominantly volunteer organization. The only individuals who earn salaries for their work are our scientists who conduct research on the DP Plan and one part-time administrative assistant.

Usually, over 90% of the donations we receive go directly to research and the rest (usually less than 10%) is used to run the organization and raise money for research. The small sum of money we earn from sales of our book and sales of the DP Plan liquid supplements, are also allocated toward further research on the DP Plan.

Why do we work for free?
This is a labor of love and it started because of someone we love. The original founders of Winning the Fight have an immediate family member, Deanna Tedone, who was diagnosed with ALS in her early 30s. Since then, Winning the Fight has been helping Deanna and others with ALS fight this terrible disease and its members are happy to do so free of charge. Many like to donate time to those in need. Some volunteer at soup kitchens, some build houses for families in need, some volunteer at animal shelters, etc. We choose to donate our time to fighting ALS.

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