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It will cost $200-$500 per month.

The cost of the Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan (also known as the  DP Plan) depends on which substances you choose to take. The most important substances (AAKG, AKG, GABA, CoQ10, Niacin, and 5HTP) will cost you roughly $200 per month. If you choose to take the most important substances along with the ancillary substances, it could cost roughly $500 per month. The ancillary substances provide extra benefit because they help maintain the health of the nerves and muscles, but it is not necessary to take the ancillary substances for the DP Plan to work.

Where can I purchase the DP Plan?2020-03-16T19:33:24+00:00

You can find the substances of the DP Plan online. Our recommended brands are noted in the DP Plan. Also, to simplify the process of taking the DP Plan, a nutrition company called Simplesa offers a few DP Plan bundles, which will give you all of the products you need, broken down in the correct doses. This eliminates come of the time you would spend preparing and dosing your supplements.

​If you do purchase from Simplesa, please note that the Core Bundle 1 (the least expensive bundle at under $250), contains all of the supplements that you need. The other bundles have more supplements to help support your health, but you do not need to take them to see the full results of the DP Plan. Also, Simplesa will work with you to make your bundle of choice affordable for you if you’re on a tight budget.

What research is there to prove the effectiveness of the DP Plan?2020-03-16T19:34:08+00:00

We have primary and secondary research supporting the Deanna Protocol Plan, as well as a large body of anecdotal evidence.

What are the risks of taking the substances in the DP Plan?2020-03-16T19:34:42+00:00

The substances in The DP Plan are naturally found in the body. They are not pharmaceutical drugs, like Riluzole/Rilutek, and are not foreign chemicals being introduced into the body. Taking them at the published doses should not be harmful, provided that you do not have any other medical issues that would make you sensitive to any of the substances or a combination of them and provided that there are no contraindications with substances or drugs you are already consuming. You should check with your doctor to ensure that following The DP Plan is safe for you, specifically.

Will my neurologist approve?2020-03-16T19:35:13+00:00

Most are neutral toward The DP Plan.

Neurologists who have heard of the DP Plan usually will not object to their patients following the plan, but they will not officially recommend it either. Why? Physicians expose themselves to legal liability if they recommend ALS treatments, therapies, or plans that are not already widely known and accepted in the medical community, and have not undergone human clinical trials. Therefore, officially recommending the DP Plan could put him/her at risk for lawsuits. Regardless of doctors’ inability to recommend the DP Plan, most doctors do not object to patients following it if their patients choose to.

Many neurologists have not heard of the DP Plan yet. If your neurologist has not heard of it, one reason is because it is relatively new. Another reason your doctor may not know about the DP Plan is because it is a group of supplements, not a pharmaceutical drug. Supplements receive much less attention from the medical community than pharmaceutical drugs do. One could argue that supplements receive almost no attention at all. Therefore, even some of the most renowned neurologists in the country may not have heard of the DP Plan.

What is this new information I hear about bacteria and its link to ALS? Does the DP Plan still work, if ALS is caused by a bacteria?2020-03-16T19:35:51+00:00

We’re glad you asked! Yes the DP Plan still works. The DP Plan aims to slow the progression and lessen the impact of ALS while the Pulse Method antibiotic treatment aims to eliminate or lessen the harmful bacteria in the body to a point where your immune system can mange the infection on its own. Since borrelia bacteria is very tough to kill and takes a while, the DP Plan’s purpose is to protect the body from the impact of the bacteria until the bacteria is killed, and also to maintain the viability of the nerve cells after the bacteria is under control. Read more about the borrelia bacteria in ALS here.

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