How the DP Plan Will Improve Your Life

The Deanna Protocol Metabolic Plan (also known as the DP Plan) works differently in everyone. However, most individuals following the DP Plan have reported to us that they have seen results far better than the results they see from typical pharmaceutical ALS treatments, such as Rilutek/Riluzole. Those who benefit from the DP Plan usually live, walk, talk, breathe, speak, and function very well for years longer than expected or even indefinitely. Based on narrative reports and ALSFRS scores, we have seen that roughly 70% of individuals see significant benefits and roughly 30% see small benefits or none at all.

The DP Plan in Beginning & Advanced Stages of ALS

The DP Plan’s effectiveness seems to largely depend on the stage of ALS. Typically, those who begin following the DP Plan soon after diagnosis notice the best results. Those who begin in the advanced stages of ALS notice improvements such as decreased discomfort in the muscles, but do not notice dramatic reverse in paralysis or dramatic increase in the body’s ability to function.

Side Effects

Those who follow the DP Plan usually report zero side effects or very minor ones. All side effects reported are related to the stomach and digestive system. The most severe we have heard of include diarrhea and indigestion. Sometimes, these can decrease with time, when the body becomes used to taking the supplements.

Pills & Liquids

Dr. Tedone and the Deanna Protocol researchers have discovered a new, more effective version of the Deanna Protocol, which is patent pending and has a proprietary ratio of substances that cannot be found in any other version of the Protocol. This new Deanna Protocol is the only Deanna Protocol endorsed by Dr. Tedone and will be available only at deannaprotocol.comlikely starting in February (but there may be some delay due to COVID and its impact on shipping logistics of raw materials). Until this new, more effective Protocol is available, you can still purchase the old version of the Deanna Protocol at Simplesa Nutrition. Although this version does not work as well, it still is better than taking nothing and you should still notice a difference. The version of the Protocol we recommend purchasing from Simplesa is the Core+ Powder. Nothing more is needed.

What Not to Expect

The DP  Plan is not perfect.  If it were, it would be a cure for ALS. Since the DP Plan works differently in everyone, you should not expect your results to be identical to someone else’s. Also, unfortunately, the DP Plan cannot provide a life completely free of ALS symptoms. Even if you begin the DP Plan immediately after diagnosis, you will still notice some degree of change in your body and some form of limitations due to ALS. However, your limitations and disease progression will likely be far less severe if you are following the DP Plan than if you are not.  For example, one person who is not following the DP Plan might be in a wheelchair permanently, unable to move his arms, eating through a feeding tube, and be unable to speak. That same person, when following the DP Plan, may walk with a cane or walker, have 50% range of motion in his arms, be able to eat regular food, but in small bites, and speak with a slur.

Effectiveness of the Deanna Protocol Metabolic Plan

Some who have been following the DP Plan for several months or more are unsure whether it helps and are unsure how much the disease would have progressed had they not been following the DP Plan. They choose to test its effectiveness by stopping the DP Plan for a few weeks to see what happens. Most report that their physical condition declines dramatically during this time, but significantly improves again once they return to following the DP Plan.

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