A Cure for ALS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases?

A Cure for ALS? I believe that the Pulse Method plus stem cell therapy may return some of Deanna’s physical function. Allow me to explain. First off, I believe Deanna’s borrelia infection is finally under control. (For those of you who haven’t heard, read more here about Deanna’s ALS and the connection with borrelia bacteria.) Onset of symptoms in 2007 were treated with the Deanna Protocol from 2009. Once we determined that she had a borrelia infection in 2015, we began a combined treatment with the CSP and antibiotics for approximately one year. There were intervening complications but approximately one year ago she was started on the Burasscano pulsed method (starting and stopping the antibiotics at regular intervals with periods on antibiotics followed by periods off).

The Pulsed Method Helped Deanna

Before I explain Deanna’s reaction to the Pulse Method, I need to explain two terms: (1) Herxheimer reaction and (2) CD 57 test results. A Herxheimer reaction is a painful inflamatory reaction that occurs when borrelia bacteria is being killed off by antibiotics. Herxheimer reactions indicate that borrelia is dying. CD 57 test results show the number of natural killer cells in the body that are able to kill off infections. When CD 57 levels are normal, this is an indication that a an infection (in Deanna’s case, a borrelia infection) is under control. Keep these terms in mind when reading my explanation below about Deannna’s reaction to the pulsed method antibiotic treatment.

​Since beginning the pulsed method, Deanna has had a Herxheimer reaction approximately every 3 to 4 weeks. In the past two months, however, she has not had a Herxheimer reaction. Beyond this, her CD 57 has remained in the normal range for approximately the past year. Due to these factors, I now believe the bacteria in Deanna’s body is under control. With the bacteria under control, I now believe it’s time for stem cell treatment. With the bacteria under control, any new cells that are introduced/grown via stem cell therapy will be able to remain alive and function without becoming infected by borrelia.

The Oral Pulse Protocol

Developed by Dr Al Miller to which I have added Butyrate, used in diseases which are not progressing rapidly instead of the IV pulsed antibiotics treatment.

  1. Every Mon, Tues, Wed, Ceftin 1000mg BID [500 mg tablets]   probenecid 500 mg BID, Metronidazole [Flagyl or Tinidazole] 500 mg BID
  2. Every Thurs. and Sat. Diflucan100 mg in AM only
  3. NT Factor 2 tabs T.I.D every day
  4. R-Lipoic acid I Q AM at least 30 minutes before eating
  5. Probiotic Q.D. at noon [Culturelle} and Butyrate By Body Bio Q.D.

The Deanna protocol should be used in conjunction with whatever treatment modality is used. Treatment for all Neurodegenerative diseases should be:

  1. The DP to keep cells alive and improve signaling b/c once function is lost it may not be possible to recover it.
  2. Combination of antibiotics to eliminate biofilm and specific for pathogen/pathogens present

Stem Cell Therapy After Pulsed Method Treatment Should Work

Her functional deficit involves her shoulders, hands, voice, legs, feet and proprioception. I have strong reason to believe that her function will return in many areas after stem cell therapy…only because she was treated with the pulsed method to get rid of the bacteria (in conjunction with a program to replenish the good bacteria in the body too). Other patients who have received stem cell therapy without controlling infections first, have not been so lucky. For the past 10 years every ALS patient or neurodegenerative disease patient who has been treated with stem cells, around the world, has reported improvement, but then worsened as the disease continues to progress. Why?

Previous Stem Cell Therapy Trials & Why They Failed

Dr. Alfred Miller and I hypothesize that the stem cell therapy does not work with ALS patients because the borrelia bacteria in ALS patients attacks the new cells that are introduced via stem cell therapy. It makes sense, right? When a disease is spreading throughout a person’s body and you introduce new/healthy cells, wouldn’t the disease spread to those healthy cells too? We strongly believe this is the case and multiple physicians agree. If the medical community as a whole doesn’t believe it, it’s at least worth testing. But, nobody is testing it…nobody. Why?

The mainstream medical community hasn’t even acknowledged the connection between bacteria and ALS yet (even though some individual physicians do). Thus, the idea of killing off borrelia bacteria before treating a person with stem cells is not on their radar. Unfortunately, ALS patients are suffering and dying while we wait for the medical community acknowledge this idea. Actually, right now, research institutions are running clinical trials for ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. I strongly believe that these trials will fail because the neuroscientists do not accept the fact the idea borrelia bacteria may have to be suppressed before introducing healthy stem cells into the body. Once again, stem cell therapy will be deemed “ineffective,” when in reality, it could be very effective. It just isn’t being used in the correct context.

Stem Cell Therapy Plan for Deanna

We now intend to start her on stem cells. .The source of these stem cells is at present unknown and being researched. Once the best option is determined we will post it on this web site and follow up with the result for Deanna.

Borrelia Infection in Alzheimer’s & Other Neurodegenerative Diseases

As I’ve mentioned in other areas of this website and blog, Dr. Alan MacDonald has documented borrelia in Alzheimer Disease and nematodes and borrelia in MS at autopsy. Dr. Judith Miklossy has also independently documented borrelia in Alzheimer Disease at autopsy. According to Dr. Al Miller, every Parkinson’s Disease patient that has taken the provocative antibiotics test has tested positive for borrelia. Dr. David Martz has also reversed his ALS with antibiotics. So we now have plenty of anecdotal proof from individual medical experts that neurodegenerative diseases can be caused by a borrelia infection and probably co-infections.

Changing the Course of Research

We must convince neuroscientists to begin research to determine a method to document the borrelia and co-infections in neurodegenerative diseases. Then, we may develop appropriate treatment for these infections. Once research focuses on controlling borrelia infections, research can then focus on restoring neurological function using a form of regenerative medicine such as stem cells. This could be our way to a cure and return to normalcy. Unfortunately, I doubt any research institutions will invest in this. How come?

All About the Money

Research on ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases isn’t a money maker. Any research that doesn’t result in the ability to sell/make money from a pharmaceutical drug is not a money maker. Therein lies the problem. Research institutions have to keep their doors open and pay salaries, and it takes money to do that. They don’t waste money funding studies that result in zero or little return on investment. I understand that. It’s basic economics…but should people be dying because their diseases aren’t profitable? We have to do better. We need private funders who have a personal interest in curing these diseases.

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