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​Below is an excerpt from a list of testimonies from 26 individuals with ALS, who testified that the Deanna Plan reversed, stopped, or slowed the progression of their ALS. Their ALSFRS scores reflect the accuracy of their testimonies.


“My father experimented with a number of supplements until we realized that taking three particular supplements (coconut oil, A-AKG and GABA) were reversing my disease. My coordination, speech, walking, and breathing improved. My twitching and tremors also lessened dramatically. Friends and family members noted my improvement and began to spread the word to others who had loved ones with ALS.”


“My answer is YES, I believe the Deanna Protocol has helped me and I am better than I would have been if I had not been on it.”


“The Deanna Protocol, which my mother religiously subscribes to has shown to significantly reduce her muscle spasms/twitching, so we are PLEASED AS PUNCH to see that the decline is slower moving. Woohoo!”


“There is no doubt that the A-AKG assists with the twitches. When I couldn’t get it for two weeks, I noticed severe increase in fasciculations. During those two weeks my energy stooped to an all-time low.”


“I started March 18th, 2013 and the Deanna Protocol has helped my swallowing, excess saliva, speech, balance and walking and I have maintained an ALSFRS of 43. I am thankful for the quality of life extension granted by God and the Deanna Protocol.”


“Diagnosed with ALS in December 2011. Before doing the Deanna Protocol, I was in a steep decline for several months. I started the Deanna Protocol in December 2012. Immediately there was an improvement in breathing and muscle strength. For the approximately 6 months since, I have maintained my ALSFRS score. Thank you Deanna and Dr. Tedone. I have no doubt that I’d be stuck in bed by now without your Protocol.”


“I really feel the Deanna Protocol is helping hold off the disease and I will continue to take it as long as I keep feeling its working.”

Anthony Topazi (President, Mississippi Power):

“President Mississippi Power I had great trouble breathing and my neurologist measured my breathing to have a force vital capacity that was down to 84% of normal. She suggested I have a diaphragm stimulator installed in my chest. instead, I went on the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan], started exercising my lungs and two months later my breathing capacity improved to 94% of normal. Now that doesn’t happen for ALS patients. Muscles don’t get stronger.”


“I started the Deanna Protocol and here are the results by month:

Walking with walker

Month 0: About 20 feet
Month 1: About 50 feet
Month 2: About 100 feet
Month 3: About 100 feet
Month 4: About 50 feet
Month 5: About 40 feet

ARM STRENGTH AND HAND GRIP (measured in pulley fly repetitions)

Month 1: 28 reps
Month 2: 100 reps
Month 3: 200 reps
Month 4: 250 reps
Month 5: 300 reps

“Breathing measured by spirometer has been good and steady. I had a temporary dip in months 4 and 5 in walking because I changed the A-AKG supplier which was a mistake. I have since gone back to NOW which seems to work best for me. I think that getting the right amount of exercise is the key. Concentrate on enough cardio and stretching and very light strength and resistance. I think more frequency is better than long exhausting reps. A little bit at a time more often. I was in a steep decline prior to starting Deanna Protocol. So steady is outstanding for 5 months. Also, I am taking 180g of protein a day.”


“Whenever I go too long between doses of A-AKG, I notice leg/foot cramps. I should be taking more AAKG but I have only been taking 3 to 6 capsules a day. I have very few fasciculation’s since I’ve been on the Deanna Protocol.”


“Just for the record, I have been on the Deanna Protocol for eight consecutive weeks now. Today, for the first time in months, I feel comfortable enough to walk around the house without the use of a cane.”


“My wife is on Deanna Protocol and has advised she is taking only AAKG. Apart from that she daily massages virgin organic coconut oil on the atrophied muscles once a day. She does not like/unable to take daily dosage of coconut oil.”


“I have not noticed an increase in progression since reaching the recommended levels of A-AKG.”


“I simply want to thank you for all the fine ALS related research to which you have committed yourself, as well as your willingness to share the results of it with people who suffer from this disease. Briefly, though I have been taking Rilutek for about a year and a half, I am on but my fourth week of the protocol. Although I possess no scientific measure to gauge results, in the very least, I believe the progression of the characteristic symptoms have been retarded. I also ” feel” that I have regained maybe 5 to 10% of the strength in my left leg. Additionally, at times, I know that I regained certain sensations in that same leg – – such as being able to flex muscles or even sense minor pain that should be associated with the stiffness that I had been experiencing in that same limb. The only negative side effect that I have known – – and naturally, this could be due to the progression of disease itself – – is a slight dizziness when standing without support. But I admit to this happening generally when I am tired or lacking sleep.”


My ALS was making me very tired and my physical condition was deteriorating rapidly. I was in a very dark tunnel. Then I began taking the products of the Deanna Protocol limiting myself to the most important. After three weeks, I no longer had big problems with swallowing and choking. After 5 weeks, I found myself standing without falling on the buttocks. After 6 weeks, I noticed with astonishment that I strum naturally with 6-7 fingers. Today, some gestures are more natural like putting on slippers, holding a glass or fork, etc. I feel more dynamic. In view of the severity of ALS and its impact on everyday life, it is imperative that the scientific and medical community be interested seriously to refine, verify, and disseminate to the largest number of voluntary patients without delay the Deanna Protocol.” (Translated from French by Cornell Christianson.)


“In January, my sister’s number was 30 and since then her functional numbers have been at 28. The muscle twitching has stopped. She was off the A-AKG for a short period in May when she had her feeding tube inserted. The twitching started again and then stopped when she began taking the AAKG again. She has declined since she started the Deanna Protocol, however, the rate of decline may have been greater without it. Not having her muscle twitch is a blessing. She is very diligent about taking the most important items in the Protocol. She doesn’t take all of them anymore because she has to crush the pills and use the feeding tube to take them. She finds it easier if she crushes the pills, puts them in a small amount of water and lets it stand awhile, then uses the feeding tube. Thank you for efforts to defeat ALS. People just need hope.”


“My 81-year old father with ALS for two years has followed the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan] for the past few months. There has been an improvement with regard to food. He can eat everything except red meat. He can now eat things like raw tomatoes and chicken. Before the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan], it was impossible to eat these foods. His swallowing has improved, he is no longer choking. His encouragement has been an improvement in his speech, he speaks better, he no longer swallows the words, his voice is clearer and less hoarse. His lung capacity is better, and he sleeps very well. At night, he has almost no mucus. Dr. Tedone, a big thank you for your commitment. My father is better, using the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan], he lives better.” (Translated from French by Cornell Christianson.)


“We really feel that the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan] is preventing the disease from progressing in my father. He has:

1. Much improved strength and stamina
2. Lower leg cramping has improved (less cramping)
3. Twitching has improved from occasional twitching to rarely twitching
4. No noticeable change in state in the following areas: speech, swallowing and saliva (which is a good thing)”


“I just wanted you all to know that I was turned down by Forbes Norris to be in a clinical trial because I am too strong. I’ve been on the Deanna Protocol [® Metabolic Plan] for about 11 weeks and I believe that following the Protocol is key to maintaining my strength and health. So thank you Deanna and Dr. Tedone – and God Bless you both!”