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The Deanna Protocol Metabolic Plan (also known as the DP Plan) is an effective neuro-health protocol that works differently in everyone. However, most individuals following the DP Plan have reported to us that they have seen results far better than the results they see from typical pharmaceutical ALS treatments. Here are some stories from people on the DP Plan.

Deanna Now
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A Letter From Hector

Dr. Tedone,

First and foremost thank you and God bless you and your daughter for your contribution to the ALS community.

My name is Hector Preciado, a 51 year old husband and father of two boys. I was diagnosed with ALS this past August. Since March of this year I have been declining from weakness my right arm and now my left arm. I have little control of my right hand. I have been walking morning and evening consistently for these last four weeks and had only been able to run for about half a block because I would become tired as my arms weighed me down. Prior to that, I simply did not have the energy to even walk.

Today I reached a milestone as I ran for one mile straight. My running is slow of course but I ran nonetheless. I have been on the Deanna Protocol for only one week but I’ve experienced a notable increase in energy which allowed me to run for the stretch that I did. My muscle twitching in my legs has lessened dramatically. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for your daughter and for patients like me by extension.

Regarding the bacterial nature of ALS, how can that be addressed and potentially cured?

Thank you again and God bless.


Greg’s Progress

Greg is on the Deanna Protocol and feels his ALS progression has slowed. Here are videos of him exercising

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