Winning the Fight’s mission is to develop ways to manage neurodegenerative diseases. We began by focusing on ALS and we are now focusing on ALS and other neurodegenerative conditions. So far, our Medical Liaison, Dr. Vincent Tedone, along with our scientists at the University of South Florida, have developed a way to manage ALS: The Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan.

The Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan is a combination of substances that naturally occur in the body, but are lacking in individuals with ALS. These substances keep nerve cells alive by assisting them with energy production. When nerve cells are kept alive, the spreading of the disease slows, stops, and sometimes reverses.

Primary Research by Winning the Fight

Our primary research supporting the DP™ Metabolic Plan’s effectiveness comes in the form of laboratory studies on ALS mice and anecdotal case studies from approximately 1,500 individuals with ALS. ​Visit our primary research page to view these studies.

Secondary Research by Winning the Fight

Our secondary research includes anecdotal evidence and laboratory studies, done outside Winning the Fight. These studies provide evidence to support some of the key notions on which we base our hypotheses and our research. Secondary research provides evidence supporting the following:

  • Excess extracellular glutamate spreads cell death in neurodegenerative conditions
  • Ketones slow and stop nerve cell death
  • Toxins can aggravate and/or cause neurodegenerative conditions
  • Breakdown of the Blood Brain Barrier in neurodegenerative conditions

For more detailed information about our secondary research, visit the secondary research page.

Meet the People Behind Winning the Fight

We believe in this cause! Our board members and advisors all have one or more loved ones with ALS. Two of our board members have ALS. We found something, the DP Plan, that allows us and our loved ones to fight ALS and actually have a chance at winning. We devote our free-time to sharing this with the world so that other PALS and their loved ones can have the same hope that we do. Some people spread hope by volunteering at homeless shelters, hospitals, soup kitchens, etc. We choose to spread hope by spending our evenings and weekends working for Winning the Fight and helping individuals with ALS fight the disease.​

Medical Liaison

Vincent M. Tedone M.D.

Dr. Vincent Tedone discovered the Deanna Protocol® Metabolic Plan (DP™ plan) and currently establishes the focus and goals for all research on the DP™ plan. Dr. Tedone also is Chief Medical Liaison to the medical and science communities on behalf of Winning the Fight, Inc., the non-profit organization responsible for funding the  DP™ plan research. He also serves as medical consultant and liaison to individuals who are on the DP™ plan. Dr. Tedone discovered the DP™ plan  through years of research on cell metabolism and its impact on nerve cells. He used his in-depth knowledge of Biochemistry to find possible ways to stop the death of nerve cells in individuals with ALS and other nerve diseases. Dr. Tedone developed the present day Deanna Protocol® using knowledge gathered from his research, anecdotal evidence, and evidence resulting from scientific studies. Prior to Dr. Tedone’s daughter Deanna’s diagnosis with ALS, Dr. Tedone was an orthopedic surgeon. He operated on professional and college athletes and introduced several new surgical techniques, which are now popular, into the field of orthopedics. He retired from a 34 year career in medicine in 1997.

Managing Director

Andrea Lorry

Andrea Lorry is one of the four founding members of Winning the Fight. She serves as Managing Director and is also a member of the Board of Directors. Andrea directs all financial, fundraising,  and event planning efforts for WFND.  Andrea worked in real estate finance and management in Atlanta, GA for 10 years and served as Vice President of Jones Lang LaSalle.

Andrea graduated from the University of Florida, in 1994, where she earned her master’s degree in real estate and urban analysis. In 1992, Andrea graduated from University of Miami in Miami, FL with her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She currently lives in Lutz, FL with her husband Adam and is a full time mother to her three children Justin, Andrew, and Anya.


Drusilla Movizzo

Drusilla Movizzo is a member of Winning the Fight’s Board of Directors. She coordinates marketing and outreach efforts and co-designs marketing strategies for WFND. Drusilla is a retired nurse with nearly 20 years of experience in nursing. She also has an additional 20 years of experience working as an administrator and coordinator for a variety of charities and community organizations in which she served as President, Vice President, Director, and Chair.

Drusilla graduated in 1964 as a Registered Nurse from Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Brooklyn, NY. In 1981, she also earned a certification in School/Community Coordination from Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH. Drusilla currently resides in The Villages, FL and is very active in a number of local community organizations in addition to Winning the Fight. She has three children and 6 grandchildren.


Glenn Myer

Glenn Myer is Co-Founder, Partner, and Chief Financial Officer at OmniPoint. OmniPoint is a preferred supplier of Information Technology services globally. Prior to forming OmniPoint in early 2008, Glenn was a Partner at Cima Consulting Group where he was the Chief Operating Officer. Throughout his career he has also held leadership roles at Capgemini, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), and IBM. Glenn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Oneonta State University. Glenn has served on the Board of Carrollwood Day School since 2009, became Board Secretary in 2011, and is now First Vice Chair. He serves on the Board of Winning the Fight and is currently an advisor to local entrepreneurs.


Kristine Oureilidis

Kristine is a member of Winning the Fight’s Board of Directors and she currently serves as a legal advisor for Winning the Fight. Kristine has 10 years of experience as a corporate attorney and is currently Senior Director of Global Legal Affairs for Jabil, the third largest diversified manufacturing services company in the country. Kristine provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, and product management services to leading electronics/technology providers. Her in-house position includes primary support for contract, quality, and FDA compliance for companies in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry.

Kristine Oureilidis received her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida. She also graduated from Stetson University with a Master’s in Business Administration and Stetson’s College of Law with a Jurist Doctor. Kristine resides in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband, daughter, and son.


Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson is a member of the Winning the Fight’s Board of Directors. He is a key digital media and technology advisor to the organization and also coordinates fundraising and volunteering opportunities with companies in the Tampa Bay area. Dave is currently the Director of Digital Technology at HSN in St. Petersburg, FL. Dave has over 18 years of experience in technology consulting and a specialization in software engineering, digital commerce, and web technologies, Dave leads the web application development teams that support HSN’s multi-channel retail business.

​He graduated in 2000 with Honors from the School of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He lives in Tampa, FL, with his wife Christiana and their two children: daughter Riley and son Crawford.

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