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We are an all-volunteer* 503(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are dedicated to raising funds and directing medical research to find best and most efficient solutions to neurodegenerative diseases and brain-impacting conditions that have no cure. Examples include ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and more.

The first solution developed by our Medical Director, Dr. Tedone, was the renowned Deanna Protocol for ALS, which has achieved results for thousands of individuals with ALS worldwide. Our focus, now, is on continuing to improve the Deanna Protocol through research, and also developing solutions for other neurological conditions.

*Everyone who works for Winning the Fight is a volunteer, with the exception of one part time hourly administrative helper.


The vast majority of your donation will fund research into effective solutions for neurodegenerative diseases! This research will help us lengthen and improve the lives of those with ALS.

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Winning the Fight relies mostly on volunteers. As a majority volunteer organization, we are able to pledge all net proceeds to research aimed at fine-tuning a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.
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Started by a Father Fighting
to Save His Daughter

Discovering the unanswered questions behind ALS.

This organization was started by Dr. Tedone and his daughters Andrea and Chiara, when Deanna Tedone (also Dr. Tedone’s daughter) was diagnosed with ALS in her early 30s. Doctors told Deanna that there was no hope for her, since no drugs on the market cure or significantly extend the lifespan of someone with ALS. Deanna’s body was declining quickly and she was given 2.5 years to live. After receiving no answers from the medical community, Dr. Tedone, a retired physician, set out to find a way to save Deanna’s life.

He read all research that existed to date on ALS and, to his surprise, he found significant gaps in the research: areas that had not been discovered – largely due to lack of funding allocated to this research. Researching ALS is not a profitable endeavor for pharmaceutical companies or large research institutions, so there is little motivation to spend millions of dollars on it. Dr. Tedone’s motivation was personal. His motivation was to save his daughter and others like her.

He began to investigate these gaps and try different safe substances on Deanna, and conduct scientific and clinical/ anecdotal research, which led to his development of the now world-renowned Deanna Protocol for ALS: the leading alternative approach to ALS used around the world.

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