My daughter has been following the Pulsed Method of antibiotic treatment for borrelia infection. (Click this link to read more about the connection between ALS and borrelia bacteria, if you haven’t read about it already.)

Here is how the Pulsed Method works

For three days she takes IV Rocephin (an antibiotic) at 2 gms every 12 hours and Tinidazole (alternative to Flagyl, to open the cysts and allow the antibiotics to kill it).

The dose of Tinidazole that she takes is 500 mg orally twice a day, one to two hours before the Rocephin antibiotic. This protocol is specific for the borrelia bacteria found in Deanna (Borrelia Recurrentis, according to IGenex). There are many different species and strains of borrelia and you’ll need a treatment specific to the species or strain of borrelia that you have.

If you take Rocephin, you should also speak to your doctor about taking Actigall 300 mg orally 2 X a day to avoid the formation of Gall bladder stones that can occur with Rocephin.

Also, speak to your doctor about taking Diflucan 100 mg orally every Monday and Thursday to avoid fungal infections that can occur when taking high doses of Rocephin or other antibiotics.

What Deanna Takes To Replenish Good Bacteria

For seven days, to replenish good bacteria, Deanna takes PRESCRIPT-ASSIST, which combines probiotics and prebiotics to replenish the good bacteria. She takes Butyrate too, which is food for the good bacteria, to keep them alive, and NT Factor, which repairs cell membranes from cells that have been damaged due to the borrelia.

So for 3 days she kills the bad and some good bacteria but for 7 days she only restores the good bacteria.

How Does The Deanna Protocol Plan Fit Into All Of This

Deanna continues the DP Plan to supply energy to the cells under stress and to suppress her muscle symptoms. She no longer takes the [Cowden Support Program] CSP which is antibacterial and anti-parasite herbs because, after a year, I believe all the other parasites or bacteria other than the borrelia are now gone.

How This Applies To You

Your specific treatment protocol should be determined by your Lyme literate doctor according to the specific type of borrelia that are infecting your body.
​I would recommend using the Pulsed Method for the reasons mentioned above.