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Step 1: Provocative Antibiotics Protocol, developed by Alfred Miller MD. This test will draw the Borrelia bacteria out of the soft tissue in a way that it will be more easily visible in your lab test results. If you don’t do this step, you could get a false negative in your test.

For 21 days take the following (requires a prescription from any doctor):

  • Azithromycin orally 500 mg once a day
  • Flagyl orally 500 mg daily after you eat. You can substitute Tinidazole or Tindamax if Flagyl causes indigestion.

Step 2: Testing for the Borrelia infection requires a laboratory familiar with Borrelia infections. We recommend using IGeneX Labs.

  1. Order the Blood Collection Kit from IGeneX. Click here to order online.
  2. When you receive the kit in the mail, fill out the form and indicate which test you want. Choose TBD Panel #4. Have your doctor write a prescription for this test in case your doctor cannot draw the blood.
  3. If your doctor draws blood, he/she can draw the blood and send the kit back to IGeneX. If your doctor does not draw blood, you can go to a private blood collection center or have home health nurse or in-home phlebotomist (someone who comes to your home to draw blood). If a home health nurse or phlebotomist draws the blood, you can have them send the kit back to IGeneX.
  4. You will have to fill out a form that comes with the kit and then have your doctor or healthcare provider send the completed form in with the kit. On the form, you must indicate which test you want. It is here that you will indicate TBD#4 panel.


NOTE: This is a very expensive test ($ 1,571) but may be covered by Medicare Part B. Typically, the test is not covered by other health insurances, but check with your insurance company. This is the ONLY test we have found on the market that is accurate, so whether it is covered or not, please think of the consequences of doing the wrong test when testing for a deadly infection. With the wrong test, it is very probable that you will test negative for Borrelia even when you are actually positive and it’s very hard to get prescriptions for treatments with a negative test result. With no prescriptions, you cannot be treated for this deadly infection.

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