Dear friends and family,

As we come to the end of another year one reflects on the past and what is to come. I am pleased to announce that Deanna’s ALS has not progressed which is unheard of with this disease. Since the cause of her disease was unknown until 2015 the disease progress was slowed with the DP but loss of function continued. Once the causative agent of her disease was identified we were able to treat it and eliminate the causative agent , a borrelia infection.

Currently we are attempting to provide return of function using autologous stem cells.  To date she has had two administrations in Cancun in February and August of this year. Her cells are grown in a laboratory in Houston but the FDA does not allow administration in the US. She has had some improvement in speech, muscle strength and endurance. The plan is to repeat the stem cells in February 2020. We will add hyperbaric O2 with the hope of enhancing cell energy to improve the result.

During this more than ten year medical research odyssey I have been fortunate to be in contact with several other clinicians who have come to the same conclusion as me.   ALS is caused by a bacterial infection usually the genus borrelia of which there are many species and at times Co-infections. Concomitantly all agree that many if not all neurodegenerative diseases are caused by a bacterial infection usually various species of borrelia.

A provocative antibiotics test has been developed to identify the borrelia bacteria. To date every patient with a neurodegenerative disease who has taken the test has tested positive for a borrelia infection. This includes ALS, PD, MS and most AD. Testing has to be done at a specialty lab b/c commercial labs do not have the correct antigens. I know this appears unbelievable. Deanna’s response to antibiotic treatment made me a believer.

Neuroscientists refuse to accept a bacterial infection as the causative agent of these diseases. There are many reasons for this and one would think that after spending billions of dollars on research every year for these diseases, in some cases for over 100 years, that they would question their failed approach.

There is now a proposal for a clinical trial before an internal review board at UT San Antonio to administer the provocative antibiotics test to all patients with a neurodegenerative disease and test them at a specialty lab that has the appropriate antigens.  [ WFND ] our 501c3 not for profit foundation would like to assist in clinical trials to establish the cause and the best treatment for neurodegenerative diseases.  Your tax free donations to WFND will assist in this endeavor.

Sincere good wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2020,

Vince Tedone